A Blogs of design and programming and testing/troubleshooting of PLC, RTU, Embedded System, HMI and SCADA

If you like to discuss on Design and Programming and Configuration and Troubleshooting of following, please feel free to contact me at RTU@TGSCADA.COM .
You can download and use xMasterSlave (Ver. 2.2017.6.21) software for FREE.
  • RTU (GE ConfigPro for D20, D25, iBox and D400, etc.).
  • PLC (Concept/Unity Pro for Modicon/Schneider PLC, etc.).
  • HMI (xMasterSlave, etc.). -- Read the highlights.
  • Data Acquisition / Concentrator (Protocol over Serial or Modbus Plus or TCP/IP communication link: DNP3, Modbus, PLC Hostlink, etc. Bridging DNP3 commands to Modbus 4xxx Registers -- i.e. a DO Pulse \w Duration On-Time/Off-Time to Modbus Register).
  • Automation Control System (IED based, PLC based, DCS based,etc).
  • PLC/RTU/SCADA designs and project (Software, PLC RTU module&Interface, Wiring diagram, Cabinet, Operation Panel, Commissioning, Management, etc.).
  • Embedded system/PC (Hardware, All-in-one CPU board, Firmware, Test-tool, Embedded PC based RTU -- Standalone or PLC RTU I/F Module, etc.).
  • DNP3 Modbus  IEC60870-5 Protocol (Master / Slave) simulator (DNP_Master, MB_Master, MBP_Master, IEC60870_5_Master, DNP_Slave, MB_Slave, MBP_Slave, IEC60870_5_Slave, etc.).